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TetraploidSNPMap is a program for estimating linkage maps and mapping QTLs for autotetraploid species, using SNP dosage data. It was developed for analysing data from the Infinium 8300 potato SNP array, but is equally applicable to other species and SNP dosage data from other technologies. It analyses data scored on two parents and the full-sib offspring of a cross between them.

The theory underlying the program is described in detail in the publications:

  • Hackett, C.A., McLean, K. and Bryan, G.J. (2013). Linkage analysis and QTL mapping using SNP dosage data in a tetraploid potato mapping population. PLoS ONE 8, e63939
  • Hackett, C.A., Bradshaw, J.E. and Bryan, G.J. (2014). QTL mapping in autotetraploids using SNP dosage information. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 127: 1885-1904.

TetraploidSNPMap is distributed with a detailed user manual and test datasets from these papers.

TetraploidSNPMap is free to download and use, but you must register and agree to abide by its license first.

This software is licenced as GPL3.

TetraploidSNPMap is open source. The source code is available on GitHub.

Our earlier software, TetraploidMap for Windows, which analyses presence/absence data for dominant and/or codominant markers in the same type of autotetraploid population, is still available and can be downloaded here:

Please contact Christine Hackett with any further queries you may have about this software.