Information for You and Your Organisation

Organisation-specific information to help you access BioSS consultancy and collaborate more effectively with us.

This page provides information for researchers working at organisations with arrangements already in place to promote collaboration or access consultancy. Here you can find out how to get quantitative input in statistics, mathematical modelling and bioinformatics, to support your science. There are links for each of the Scottish Environment, Food and Agricultural Research Institutes (SEFARIs), as well as other existing collaborators such as SASA, UKCEH, and AHDB. Click on your organisation's logo below for more information on consultancy and collaboration provision and who within BioSS to contact.

Scientists working at the SEFARIs on projects funded within the RESAS Strategic Research Programme can benefit from quantitative advice and support from BioSS; this input is funded from the Underpinning National Capacity budget. If you are unsure whether your work falls into this category, talk to your BioSS contact, who will clarify your options.

We are keen to advise and collaborate on any scientific project which aligns with our methodological interests and areas of application.   However our time has to be paid for; our preference is to discuss your needs in advance and to collaborate in developing your research proposal before you seek funding.  This leads to better outcomes, ensuring that the quantitative elements of the proposal are sound and realistically resourced.  It may also be financially advantageous to you and your organisation, since collaborative projects are less likely to require us to charge VAT. 

BioSS also has a long and successful history of working on commercial projects.  If you think that our skills align with your needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you don't have an existing relationship with BioSS, are unclear to whom you should speak, or want to make a general enquiry, please email us at ; more details are available on our Contact Us page.


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