Our Values

There is a strong collegiate ethos in BioSS, through which our people at different sites combine to form a shared capability which has few parallels elsewhere in the world. This sense of shared purpose is expressed in a set of core values which are emergent properties of how BioSS thinks and works. Our values are:

We are experts at our work

We conduct excellent methodological research, combining knowledge of quantitative methods and subject areas in our advisory activities. We blend specialist skills in key areas with a breadth of expertise to support our clients and collaborators.

We are good collaborators

We work openly and transparently with other organisations, maintaining an independent point of view based on objective analysis. We maintain the highest standards of scientific ethics, upholding the principles of open and reproducible science.

We support each other

We show strong leadership at all levels, sharing knowledge and pooling abilities. We foster an open, inclusive, empowering and enjoyable working culture which respects individual needs, qualities and contributions.

We are ambitious individually and collectively

We encourage development of skills and raising of profiles in the scientific community and beyond. We embrace change and foster an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit, seeking to engage with new ideas and organisations, confirming the position of BioSS as a world-leading centre of biomathematical and statistical modelling.