BioSS consultancy & collaboration information for AHDB

BioSS provides support for AHDB Cereals and oilseeds. This is focussed primarily on the Recommended List but also covers fungicide performance trials.

We offer:

  • Advice on technical queries arising in individual trials
  • Advice on technical queries affecting multiple trials / trial series / individual crops
  • Statistical input to AHDB committees
  • Advice on statistical design of trials
  • Software for trial design
  • Exploration and evaluation of methodological options and developments for future needs
  • Development of tailored methods and code
  • Access to our training courses

Examples of more extensive investigations for AHDB include:

  • an exploration of shading effects in winter barley and how mitigation could be built in to the trialling programme (read the case study).
  • a comparison of the effects of moving from modelling variety as a fixed effect to a random effect in over-trials analysis

In addition to statistical consultancy we can also cover bioinformatics and mathematical modelling, as required. 

For more information, contact Adrian Roberts and Ian Nevison by e-mail with a brief explanation of your requirements.  They will either deal with the query themselves or pass you to another member of BioSS staff with availability and the quantitative skills required. Meetings are usually held by video conference but we can visit AHDB as necessary.

BioSS contacts


Adrian Roberts portrait

Adrian Roberts is the lead BioSS contact for scientists at AHDB.

Ian is shown smiling wearing a suit and tie

Ian Nevison is the other main BioSS contact for scientists at AHDB.