BioSS consultancy & collaboration information for SRUC

Various BioSS staff work with SRUC researchers to provide general consultancy support and collaboration depending on science application area and/or location. In some circumstances you may be referred to other BioSS staff to benefit from their specialised quantitative skills or experience in particular application areas. More detailed information is detailed below, including named BioSS contacts for RESAS Strategic Research Programme projects.


BioSS run statistics training courses. For our course timetable see here. Please click here to book onto these courses and here to register interest in a course. 

Consultancy & Collaboration

Please contact appropriate BioSS staff by email (see below) with a brief explanation of your requirements including funding. They will either deal with the query themselves or they may pass you to another member of BioSS staff with availability and the quantitative skills required or familiarity with your application area.

For exclusively RESAS Strategic Research Programme work there is no charge at the point of contact. For other work we need to be costed explicitly, but please do contact us for initial discussions about your interests. There is no charge for this.

BioSS staff may arrange to meet with you at your location or elsewhere, or we may arrange a video conference meeting depending on availability, time scales and your location.

Scheduled Visits to SRUC Locations

Sarah Brocklehurst SRUC Bush Roslin Institute Building Wednesday pm: 19th June, 10th July.

Sarah Brocklehurst SRUC Kirkton: Wednesday 26th June.

Sarah Brocklehurst visits SRUC Kings Buildings and Bush Roslin Institute Building frequently and other sites by appointment.

Several BioSS staff are based at BioSS at King's Buildings.

Please contact appropriate BioSS staff (see below) to arrange meetings or visits to your site.


BioSS provide a range of training courses some of which are online and some face to face at SRUC or other locations. If there is enough demand we may schedule a course to suit you. For more information on training please see our pages on BioSS training.

Contacts for Consultancy & Collaboration

Sarah Brocklehurst is the main contact for research scientists at SRUC. Some more contacts by science area and location are given below followed by the BioSS contacts for the SRUC RESAS funded projects.

SRUC Application Area

Animal Health & Welfare Sarah Brocklehurst Giles Innocent 

Livestock Production & Emissions Sarah Brocklehurst

SRUC Animal Experiments Committee (AEC) Sarah Brocklehurst

Plant, Crop and Soils Science Ian Hunt Ian Nevison Adrian Roberts

Economics and Social Science Ian Hunt

Bio-Informatics Claus-Dieter Mayer

Mathematical Modelling Helen Kettle

EPIC Centre of Expertise Giles Innocent

Other Application Areas Sarah Brocklehurst

SRUC Location

Aberdeen Graham Horgan

Auchincruive Sarah Brocklehurst

Edinburgh: Bush, Roslin Institute Building Sarah Brocklehurst

Edinburgh: King's Buildings Ian Hunt Ian Nevison Adrian Roberts

Kirkton Sarah Brocklehurst

Barony Sarah Brocklehurst

Inverness Giles Innocent

Elsewhere Sarah Brocklehurst

BioSS contacts for RESAS Projects

More information coming soon