Our Expertise

BioSS develops statistical, modelling and bioinformatics methods to create the next generation of quantitative tools needed to tackle emerging challenges in agricultural, biological, environmental and social sciences.

BioSS methodological research is driven by emerging technologies, growth in data and the desire to advance applied science in: animal health and welfare, plant and crop science, ecology and environment, human health and nutrition, and specific critical societal challenges such as marine biodiversity impacts of offshore renewables and analysis of wastewater for public health.

To learn more check out the three methodology research themes described below

Statistical Methodology

Advances in science create demands for new statistical methodologies. Our research responds to the needs of our scientific collaborators, as they change the nature of the data they collect, the information they wish to extract from data, and the applications of this information.

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Process & Systems Modelling

Mathematical modelling is vital for understanding and predicting how different processes in any particular system combine to determine the full system behaviour.

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Statistical Genomics & Bioinformatics

Development of more advanced statistical and computational methodologies is required to keep pace with new experimental technologies in molecular biology and genetics. Challenges to be met include dealing with increased volumes of data, improving the robustness of inference to noise in the data, and enhancing the models to make them biologically more realistic.

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