Open Access Publishing Workflow


Here we give a workflow for open access publishing if funds aren't available to pay for the Open Access option in your journal of choice.

  1. When your article is ready to submit to a journal make sure you add the following text to your paper: 

    “This research was funded, in whole or in part by the [cOAlition S Organisation name] [Grant number]. For the purpose of Open Access, the author has applied a CC BY public copyright licence to any Author Accepted Manuscript version arising from this submission.” 

  2. When you submit the paper to a journal also submit the same version to a pre-print repository/archive (this will generate the manuscript's first DOI). Commonly used archives are BioRxiv, arXiv, zenodo, OSF but a larger list can be found here
  3. After your paper has been through peer-review and you have made the changes, this version is known as the Author Accepted Manuscript. If you have applied the licence (the text quoted above) you can also share this version on the preprint server (generating the second DOI). The version published in the journal - the version of record (VoR) will have the third DOI. The DOI of the VoR should then be added to the AAM so there is a link from the publicly available version to the VoR.


For more details see our Guidance on Open Access Publishing