Sarah Brocklehurst

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Senior Statistician

Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland

Tel: +44 (0)1560 596015

Sarah Brocklehurst

Consultancy & Research

I am based at the BioSS West of Scotland unit in Ayr, providing statistical consultancy to biological researchers at Scotland’s Rural College at Auchincruive and elsewhere and to scientists from other biological research organisations. I support researchers in a broad range of applications, but especially in the area of veterinary epidemiology and animal welfare and provide advice on the design, analysis and interpretation of experimental and observational studies.

I am responsible for liaison for BioSS’s consultancy input to work package 2.4: "Livestock Welfare" (involving scientists from Scotland’s Rural College and the James Hutton Institute) in the Scottish Executive's rural and environmental research programme 2: "Profitable and Sustainable Agriculture- Animals".

Research & Collaboration

I have research interests in modelling complex veterinary experimental and epidemiological data.

Past Projects

Further development of a method for objective and reliable assessment of broiler leg health under commercial conditions, 2005-2007, DEFRA funded. With SAC.

A study to compare the health and welfare of laying hens in different types of enriched cage, 2005-2007, DEFRA funded. With SAC.

Development of a vaccine to control the Poultry Red Mite and improve laying hen welfare, 2006-2009, DEFRA funded. With SAC and MRI.

Current Projects

Study to assess the subjective experience, including pain, of broiler chickens with different gait scores, 2009-2011, DEFRA funded. With SRUC.

Early environment effects on animal welfare, health and productivity, 2009-2012, DEFRA funded. With SRUC.


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