Tree planting at Lauriston Farm

18 May, 2022
BioSS planting trees

On a sunny Wednesday in May, a team of volunteers from BioSS swapped laptops for spades, trowels, and wheelbarrows as we spent a day working outdoors at Lauriston Farm in Edinburgh.

After a short training session gathering all of the essential tools and snacks, the team spent the morning planting trees. We quickly got into a rhythm of measuring the correct spacing, digging holes, planting the saplings, and giving a thorough watering to each of the newly planted trees. The afternoon was spent planting wild flowers in an area planned to improve biodiversity and support local wildlife.

As the group worked away, the day gave us a great opportunity to learn more about the Lauriston Farm project. Edinburgh Agroecology Co-op is working to create a large urban food growing site, which both supports the environment and brings together different communities in a welcoming outdoor space.

Many thanks to Edinburgh Agroecology Co-op and Lauriston Farm for having us- you can learn more about the project here.