Communicating research evidence to policy audiences

Event Date:

Hosted at the BioSS General Meeting in Aberdeen on August 22nd, this event (led by SEFARI Gateway and with the support of the BioSS Comms team) will offer practical tips for communicating evidence arising from complex research data.

Most BioSS staff will be attending the meeting, so this event will also be a great opportunity for other SEFARI colleagues to join BioSS and get to know each other better, while learning how to more effectively communicate with policy audiences.


This is an in-person event which will run from 14.00 to 15.30 on Tuesday 22nd August in central Aberdeen (exact venue location will be confirmed once registered). If you wish to attend, you need to request a place (see practical information below).

The event will be split into two sessions:

  1. SEFARI Gateway knowledge exchange experts will offer an insight on how to communicate to non-specialist audiences; share their knowledge and experience of the policy environment; and offer practical tips on how to effectively communicate complex ideas, evidence and uncertainty.
  2. The second session will offer a hands-on informal practice-based opportunity where attendees can have a go at communicating their own research in small groups and receive feedback from colleagues.

In between the 2 sessions, there will then be a short refreshment break to encourage attendees to network and build new connections.

Practical information:

  • The event is free but only open to staff members who work across the Strategic Research Potfolio (i.e., SEFARI Institutes, Centres of Expertise, Underpinning Capacity). All Portfolio members are welcome but given the training focus it is likely to be most relevant for scientific staff wishing to communicate complex mathmatical, scientific and environmental data to policy audiences. 
  • If you have any queries and/or to reserve your place, please email with the subject line “Communicating research evidence to policy audiences”, by midnight on Tuesday 15th August.
  • Limited spaces are available and attendance (along with venue details) will be confirmed on a first-come first-served basis. Should we reach capacity, BioSS reserves the right to prioritise attendees that may benefit the most from the training being offered.
  • Unfortunately we can't offer online or recording options for this event.