Building interdisciplinary solutions to modern ecological challenges

19 June, 2023
ICMS group photo

Adam Butler and Esther Jones from the Offshore Renewables Group attended the ‘Building Interdisciplinary Solutions to Modern Ecological Challenges’ workshop, held at the Bayes Centre in the University of Edinburgh. The week-long workshop was designed to bring together researchers from many disciplines, particularly those already working in an interdisciplinary setting. We covered a huge range of topics including eDNA, acoustics, machine learning, AI, data integration, biodiversity, remote sensing, and citizen science. Researchers from many different fields of computer science, technology, engineering, statistics, mathematics, ecology, and policy discussed specific problems in data acquisition, processing, modelling, and communicating research for impactful research.

As well as many thought provoking talks, there were opportunities for group discussion, getting to know fellow scientists, and a lot of very nice food. See Twitter #ICMSecoChallenge for a narrative of the workshop.

ICMS Esther