About BioSS


Our Vision is:

"to improve science & society through an understanding of variation, uncertainty and risk"

Our Mission is:

"to develop and apply quantitative methodologies with a rigorous mathematical and statistical basis"

Our Core Values are:

to be experts at our work, carrying out excellent methodological research, skillfully combining our knowledge of quantitative methods and subject areas in our advisory activities, and providing effective support to enable our scientific acheivements;

to be good collaborators, working openly and constructively with other organisations, maintaining an independent point of view based on objective analysis in adherence to the highest standards of scientific ethics;

to support each other, pooling experiences and abilities, fostering an ambitious working culture which respects individual needs, qualities and contributions;

to continually improve, by encouraging all individuals to develop their skills and profiles, including contributing to and benefiting from involvement with professional societies and the wider scientific community.


About BioSS

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