Training for Scientists

BioSS has a well established suite of training courses, each of which contain a mixture of expository and practical sessions.. These courses allowing participants to improve their understanding of quantitative methods, to extend their ability to implement these methods using computer packages, and to develop their knowledge of non-standard situations which require expert intervention.

Training programme

Our provision of training in statistics, bioinformatics and mathematical modelling has played a central role in developing our long-term collaborations with research scientists for the past two decades. The core of our training effort has been a programme of intensive one or two day courses which have taken place in rooms equipped with the necessary computing facilities, usually at the participants’ site or nearby. Feedback obtained from our online evaluation is largely positive, indicating that these courses are well received by participants.

In-house courses

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BioSS also provides in-house statistics courses for external organisations in the UK and abroad, selecting and mixing material if required from our ‘off-the-shelf’ courses, to best serve the interests of these organisations. We also arrange workshop sessions to discuss specific interests of participants to avoid the overheads of preparing full courses from scratch. A particular feature of 2011-13 was being commissioned by the European Food Safety Authority to deliver training to its Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies, enabling panel members to become more confident in their assessment of results derived from the use of a wide range of statistical methods.

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Courses aimed to meet the needs of professional statisticians, and relevant as well for non-statisticians or users of statistics are run by the Royal Statistical Society

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