Process & Systems Modelling

Mathematical models of biological and environmental processes both encapsulate and enhance our understanding of these systems. New modelling methodology is required to address the increasing complexity of models being considered, whilst new statistical methods are needed to fully integrate models and data in the face of a gathering pace of data acquisition.

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Key themes of our process and systems modelling work

Using models to understand emergent properties of systems

Developing inference methods for stochastic processes

See recent publication describing a novel method for fast inference in discrete state Markov processes

Application areas


We have:


We have used models to increase understanding of a range of ecological issues including:

In addition, we have also used models to explore

See the recent publication on the ecology of wildlife disease surveillence

Modelling microbiomes

We have developed a range of models and approaches to describe the complex dynamics and behaviours of microbiomes. Applications include:

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Glenn Marion is Principal Researcher in Process & Systems Modelling

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Process and Systems Modelling

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