BioSS doctoral training programme

BioSS seeks talented individuals with backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, physics and informatics or similarly quantitative disciplines.
The BioSS PhD programme offers students a unique blend of methodological development in statistics, mathematical modelling and bioinformatics, combined with applications in the biological sciences. Students are actively encouraged to grapple with important questions presented by applications (e.g. in ecology, epidemiology, next generation sequencing) and also to develop novel methods or theory aimed at addressing real world challenges.

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To discuss PhD opportunities further e.g. which projects might be most appropriate for you, please email: Glenn Marion

students relaxing picBioSS students have many opportunities to interact with other PhDs, staff and collaborators and the knowledge and skills they acquire have made our past students highly employable. Funding is available to attend UK and international scientific meetings and conferences.  Students are also encouraged to make use of the many opportunities for additional training including attending local and virtual graduate programmes e.g. Scottish Mathematical Sciences Training Centre, and training programmes such as the Academy for PhD Training in Statistics.

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BioSS Doctoral Training Programme

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