Staff, Students, and Associates

Dr Lee Benson
BioSS Associate




I completed my PhD at BioSS, University of Stirling & SRUC in March 2021, where I worked on simulation and inference problems relating to dynamic population-level disease models.  Following this, I did a twelve month postdoc as part of the National Core Study PROTECT project in the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds, where I applied stochastic dynamic models to support quantitative microbial risk assessment of the transmission of Covid-19 in indoor spaces.

Returning to BioSS in May 2022 as Research Software Engineer for Open Science and Modelling, I have been working primarily on a BBSRC-funded project that seeks to combat anthelmintic resistance in ruminants. My contribution has been to write computer simulations that model the interaction of animal growth with the complex, stage-structured population dynamics of intestinal parasites, and how these are affected by environmental conditions, as well as various targetted treatment and grazing strategies.

My research interests are broadly in the novel and practical application of dynamic processes, applied probability and numerical programming in order to address inference and prediction problems arising out of complex biological and ecological systems.