Ken Newman, BioSS & School of Mathematics, Univ of Edinburgh

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School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh

My research interests include statistical ecology and statistical applications to natural resources, including fisheries and forestry.

BioSS Research Projects

RESAS Funded

  1. RD 2.3.5 Crop Models Analysis & Emulation
  2. RD 1.2.1 Catchment Models Analysis & Emulation
  3. < li> RD 2.1.4 Aphids: Phenology and Migration Modelling

Proposals in process

  1. BBSRC Pear Sucker and Natural Enemies Modelling

Consulting Projects: Current and Finished

  1. Scottish Natural Heritage: Shore-based vantage point sampling for inland wintering waterfowl in Moray Firth (Dec 2019- Jan 2020)
  2. Forest Research: analysis of data adjustments (July 2020-August 2020)

Statistical Methodology Theme Group Meetings

  1. 31 July 2020. Luigi Spezia: Hidden Markov Models with covariates for latent variables.
  2. 6 August 2020. Graham Horgan: Missing values in Time Series of body weight.
  3. 20 August 2020. Nick Schurch: Long Short-Term Memory network nodes for time-series modelling.
  4. 27 August 2020. Adam Butler: To Impute or not to Impute.
  5. 3 September 2020. Jackie Potts: multiple testing.
  6. 17 September 2020. Ken Newman: covariance matrices.
  7. 24 September 2020. Zhou Fang: Modelling aphids
  8. 15 October 2020. Adrian Roberts: Variance measures for plant varieties .

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