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Katherine (Katie) August
PhD Student


University of Aberdeen
Room 422 Zoology Building, Tillydrone Avenue,
ABERDEEN, AB24 2TZ, Scotland, UK

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I am a final year PhD student studying at the University of Aberdeen. My PhD is NERC Case Partnership funded and is titled "Leaving the safety of the forest: The landscape-scale dynamics of a protected mobile species occupying areas with varying levels of protection". My supervisors are Xavier Lambin (UoAberdeen), Thomas Cornulier (BioSS), Nick Schurch (BioSS), Phil Whitfield (Natural Research Ltd. – Case partner) and Tom Dearnley (Forestry England – Case partner). The project uses a UK population of Northern goshawks Accipiter gentilis which experiences illegal persecution to assess the impact of ecological traps on a recovering species. Using over 30 years of data collected by raptor workers I have assessed the reproduction and survival rates of goshawks in relation to persecution. As part of this, I spent 4 months at the NERC Environmental Omics Facility in Sheffield to get individual identification from moulted feathers using microsatellites. I also designed and tested a novel camera trap method, using plucking posts instead of nests, which led to the development of deep learning models to separate goshawk images from everything else, and to try to identify individual goshawks in the images.