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Professor Ian Simpson
BioSS Associate


University of Edinburgh
School of Informatics,
10 Crichton Street,
EDINBURGH, EH8 9AB, Scotland, UK

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Ian Simpson is a Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute, and is Director of the UKRI CDT in Biomedical Artificial Intelligence. He has published >50 publications in leading journals (Nat. Comms, Nat. Protocols, PLoS Biology, eLife, PLoS Genetics, Neuron, Development) at the interdisciplinary intersection of computational, biomedical, and biological science. In 2014 he was elected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh Young Academy, is on the board of the Helmholtz EpiCrossBorders Research School, advisory board of the Soc-B CDT in Biosocial research, and member of the BBSRC Pool of Experts (Panel C). He is an expert in network and multi-modal biomedical data analysis including multi-omics, text, and other clinical meta-data. His recent research contributions have included dynamical statistical modelling of signalling pathways, candidate disease gene prediction, gene-phenotype mapping, and patient group stratification using a mixture of statistical and machine learning approaches.

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