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Dr Helena Oakey
BioSS Associate


The University of Adelaide
ADELAIDE, South Australia, 5005 Australia

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Helena Oakey has been a Senior Biostatistician on the ENvironmental Determinants of Islet Autoimmunity (ENDIA) team at the University of Adelaide, since April 2019. She was previously a group leader within the Biometry Hub at the University of Adelaide, where she was the statistical adviser on 11 projects, supervising 3 biostatisticians. She consulted and collaborated with researchers on project design and protocol preparation, data capture and validation, statistical analysis and interpretation of findings, grant applications and manuscript publications.

Her area of statistical expertise includes methodological development in statistical 'omics data analysis, linear mixed models and multi-phase design having first author publications in these areas and she is currently co-supervising two PhD students in the area of genomic selection, with two completed.

She has worked in Scotland at the University of Dundee as a Senior Biostatistician and has worked as a statistical consultant at Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland and as a private consultant to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. She was formerly Director of the Data Management section of the Clinical Trials Unit (formerly the Australian Research Centre for Health of Women & Babies -ARCH) at the University of Adelaide where she was involved in all aspects of clinical trials from inception to completion. She was recently a committee member of the Statistical Society of Australia.

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