Statistical Methodology

Advances in science create demands for new statistical methodologies. Our research responds to the needs of our scientific collaborators, as they change the nature of the data they collect, the information they wish to extract from data, and the applications of this information.

New and emerging problems and challenges in biological and environmental sciences, along with increasing volumes and types of data being generate combine to motivate, and require, advances in statistical methodology.  The Statistical Methodology Theme group contributes to those advances by developing and adapting methodology to solve these problems and to use these new types of data.  One thread in this theme is hierarchical modelling and data fusion, which serves as an overarching framework for incorporating data from multiple sources, including spatially and/or temporally indexed data.


COVID-19 Wastewater work

  • Wastewater can be analysed for a variety of public health applications, including the estimation of Covid-19 prevalence.
  • Samples are collected several times per week from over 100 treatment works across Scotland and put through qPCR.
  • BioSS produces reports on what these samples tell us about the current state of the pandemic and continually makes methodological improvements to get maximal information from these data.

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Tools

Sustainable Agriculture Tools

Large-scale and Systems Modelling

RESAS-funded work which cuts across all methodological themes

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