BioSS featured in new podcast

10 May, 2024
Photo of recording the podcast on the farm

BioSS has been collaborating with Rowett scientists in understanding the factors which affect variability in the characteristics of hemp oil produced in the North East of Scotland. The plant can be grown to produce food, fibre, drugs (medicinal and recreational) and personal care products (e.g. hand cream). Research at the Rowett Institute was pivotal to reintroduce hemp in the Scottish agriculture and for the first time to produce hemp seeds for food production in Scotland. Data obtained from this recent study has shown that sowing date appears to be one of the main factors affecting the composition of the hemp oil.

This novel area of research has been presented in a podcast recently produced by On-Farm, who visited one of the local producers and talked to the growers John and Alison Easson (from Hemp It Up!), Dr Madalina Neacsu, the Rowett scientist leading the investigation and Dr Graham Horgan of BioSS.

You can listen to this podcast here.