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STAR: Sheep Tomogram Analysis Routines and ATAR: Animal Tomogram Analysis Routines

sheep scan Computed tomography (CT) scans are used to aid animal breeding programmes by identifying the best stock. Based on the scans, the proportions of different tissue types in cross-sections of live animals can be estimated. An interactive, Windows-based package called STAR has been developed to automate this process for sheep, incorporating the dynamic programming methods developed in our research programme.

STAR is used at the SRUC-BioSS CT unit, which offers a scanning service for sheep breeders.


A generalisation, which can handle all species of animals, making use of semi-automated segmentation, has been released to the wider research community under the name ATAR (Animal Tomogram Analysis Routines).

Further details from: Chris Glasbey or Bram Boskamp

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