Investors in People: Gold Status obtained

In BioSS, management and staff combine to create a supportive working environment. We have been assessed as meriting Gold Status by the Investors in People scheme and have received a Silver Award under the Healthy Working Lives programme administered by NHS Scotland.

The Investors in People scheme

The Investors in People (IIP) scheme aims to encourage organisations to improve how they engage with and develop their staff. This is done by publication of an evolving set of standards which are expressed in a way that makes them applicable to different sizes and types of organisations. Performance against the standard is periodically reviewed by an external assessor who interviews staff in confidence, then summarises the findings in a written report consisting of their assessment, together with pointers for future development.

BioSS was assessed as meeting the standard for Gold Status in 2019, building on the Silver Status we held from 2010, renewed in 2013 and 2016. The reports of these assessments contain many positive statements, for example describing BioSS as "an empowering organisation" with: "a very strong team ethos"; "a universally accepted set of values"; and "a culture of continuous learning". Each report also contains constructive recommendations which are helpful in guiding our further development.

Healthy Working Lives: Silver Award retained

The NHS Scotland Healthy Working Lives scheme offers practical information to help improve health and safety and the wellbeing of everyone at work. The scheme includes the provision of advice to employers relevant to the working practices of their staff, and an assessment scheme for organisations to judge how well they are performing relative to a broad set of criteria.

Since obtaining a Bronze Award in August 2008 our AWARE team has led BioSS forwards in several ways. These have included: responding to specific issues raised in a survey of staff; delivering information to staff on the causes and possible methods to reduce stress; and establishing social activities such as "Biscuit Wednesdays" and lunch time walks to encourage a higher proportion of staff in Edinburgh to take regular breaks. We were delighted therefore that these enhancements led to receipt of a Silver Award in October 2011, a standard that has been reconfirmed at subsequent annual assessments.


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