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Denwood, M.J., Kaplan, R.M., McKendrick, I.J., Thamsborg, S.M., Nielsen, M.K. and Levecke, B. (2022). A statistical framework for calculating prospective sample sizes and classifying efficacy results for faecal egg count reduction tests in ruminants, horses and swine. Veterinary Parasitology. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Category: "Refereed journal"

Pérez-Barbería, F.J., García, A.J., Brewer, M.J., Capelli, J., Serrano, M.P., Gallego, L. and Landete-Castillejos, T. (2022). Effects of maternal age and offspring sex on milk yield, composition and calf growth of red deer (Cervus elaphus). Scientific Reports 12(14506).

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Searle, K.R., Butler, A., Waggitt, J.J., Evans, P.G.H., Quinn, L.R., Bogdanova, M., Evans, T., Braithwaite, J. and Daunt, F. (2022). Potential climate-driven changes to seabird demography: implications for assessments of marine renewable energy development. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 185-200. Inter-Research Science Centre.

Ewing, D, Pooley, C. M., Gamado, K.M., Porphyre, T. and Marion, G. (2022). Exact Bayesian inference of epidemiological parameters from mortality data: application to African swine fever virus. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 19, 20220013. Royal Society Publshing.

Cousens, C., Ewing, D, McKendrick, I.J., Todd, H., Dagleish, M. and Scott, P.R. (2022). Efficacy of high-throughput transthoracic ultrasonographic screening for on-farm detection of ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma. Veterinary Record, e1797. British Veterinary Association.

Filipe, J.A.N., Kyriazakis, I., McFarland, C. and Morgan, E.R. (2022). Novel epidemiological model of gastrointestinal-nematode infection to assess grazing cattle resilience by integrating host growth, parasite, grass and environmental dynamics. bioRxiv. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Potter, T., Horgan, G.W., Wanders, A.J., Zandstra, E.H., Zock, P.L., Fisk, H.L., Minihane, A-M., Calder, P., Mathers, J.C. and de Roos, B. (2022). Models predict change in plasma triglyceride concentrations and long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid proportions in healthy participants after fish oil intervention. Frontiers in Nutrition 9(989716.).

Mattila, E., Hansen, S., Bundgaard, L., Ramsay, L., Dunning, A., Silva, MN., Harjumaa, M., Ermes, M., Marques, MM., Matos, M., Larsen, S., Encantado, JE., Santos, I., Horgan, G.W., O'Driscoll, R., Turicchi, J., Duarte, C., Palmeira, AL., Stubbs, J., Heitmann, BL. and Lähteenmäki, L. (2022). Users' Experiences With the NoHoW Web-Based Toolkit With Weight and Activity Tracking in Weight Loss Maintenance: Long-term Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research 24(1), e29302.

Mattila, E., Horgan, G.W., Palmeira, AL., O'Driscoll, R., Stubbs, J., Heitmann, BL. and Marques, MM. (2022). Evaluation of the Immediate Effects of Web-Based Intervention Modules for Goals, Planning, and Coping Planning on Physical Activity: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial on Weight Loss Maintenance. Journal of Medical Internet Research 24(4).

Neacsu, M., Vaughan, N., Multari, S., Haljas, E., Scobbie, L., Duncan, G., Cantlay, L., Fyfe, C., Anderson, S.E., Horgan, G.W., Johnstone, A.M. and Russell, W. (2022). Hemp and buckwheat are valuable sources of dietary amino acids, beneficially modulating gastrointestinal hormones and promoting satiety in healthy volunteers. European Journal of Nutrition.

McCormick, BJJ., Scalco, A., Craig, T., Whybrow, S., Horgan, G.W. and Macdiarmid, J. (2022). Modelling population responses to workplace minimum dietary standards introduced as workers return after social lockdowns. BMC Public Health 22, 2390.

Ruddick-Collins, L., Morgan, P.J., Fyfe, C., Filipe, J.A.N., Horgan, G.W., Westerterp, K., Johnston, J.D. and Johnstone, A.M. (2022). Timing of daily calorie loading affects appetite and hunger responses without changes in energy metabolism in obese healthy subjects. Cell Metabolism, 1-14.

Aceves-Martins, M., Slater, R., Craig, L., Chalmers, N., Horgan, G.W., Boskamp, BB and de Roos, B. (2022). Nutritional Quality, Environmental Impact and Cost of Ultra-Processed Foods: A UK Food-Based Analysis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19, 3191.

Brandner, M., Fyfe, C., Horgan, G.W. and Johnstone, A.M. (2022). Self-Reported Purchasing Behaviour, Sociodemographic Predictors of Plant-Based Protein Purchasing and Knowledge about Protein in Scotland and England. Nutrients 14, 4706.

Khan, HMW., Rudd, A., Gamble, D., Mezincescu, AM., Cheyne, L., Horgan, G.W., Dhaun, N., Newby, DE. and Dawson, D. (2022). Renin‐Angiotensin and Endothelin Systems in Patients Post‐Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. Journal of the American Heart Association 2022(11), e025989.

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Crabtree, D.R., Holliday, A., Buosi, W., Fyfe, C., Horgan, G.W. and Johnstone, A.M. (2022). The Acute Effects of Breakfast Drinks with Varying Protein and Energy Contents on Appetite and Free-Living Energy Intake in UK Older Adults. Geriatrics 2022(7), 16.

Horgan, G.W., Whybrow, S., Scalco, A., Craig, T. and Macdiarmid, J. (2022). Effect of different food groups on energy intake within and between individuals. European Journal of Nutrition.

Aceves-Martins, M., Bates, R., Craig, L., Chalmers, N., Horgan, G.W., Boskamp, BB and de Roos, B. (2022). Food-Level Analysis to Identify Dietary Choices With the Highest Nutritional Quality and Lowest Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Price. Frontiers in Nutrition 9.

Innocent, G.T., Vance, C., Ewing, D, McKendrick, I.J., Hailemariam, S.ADDIS., Nwankpa, V R., Allan, F K., Schnier, C. and Peters, A. (2022). Patterns of mortality in domesticated ruminants in Ethiopia. Frontiers in Veterinary Science. Frontiers Media S.A..

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MacKenzie, K., Marshall, J., Wright, F., Holden, N. and Gunn, G. J. (2022). Phylogeny and potential virulence of cryptic clade Escherichia coli species complex isolates derived from an arable field trial. Current Research in Mircrobial Sciences. Elsevier.

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Van Oijen, M. and Brewer, M.J. (2022). Probabilistic Risk Analysis and Bayesian Decision Theory - With Applications in Environmental Sciences. . Springer Nature, Cham, Switzerland.


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