Document details for 'Assessing recovery from acidification of European surface waters in the year 2010: an evaluation of projections made with the MAGIC model in 1995'

Authors Helliwell, R., Wright, R.F., Jackson-Blake, L., Ferrier, R.C., Aherne, J., Cosby, B.J., Evans, C.D., Forsius, M., Hruska, J., Jenkins, A., Kram, P., Kopáček, J., Majer, V., Moldan, F., Posch, M., Potts, J.M., Rogora, M. and Schöpp, W.
Publication details Environmental Science and Technology 48(22), 13280-13288. American Chemical Society (ACS), Washington, DC.
Publisher details American Chemical Society (ACS), Washington, DC
Last updated 2018-04-06
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