Document details for 'Young biostatisticians in Spain: career or race'

Authors Lorenzo-Arribas, A., Martínez-Silva, I., Gómez-Mateu, M., Perez-Alvarez, N., Perpiñán Fabuel, H. and Valero Coppin, O.
Publication details Boletín de Estadística e Investigación Operativa 29(3), 266-282.
Keywords Biostatistics, young researchers, challenges, communication, networking, career development, training.
Abstract Challenges and new opportunities for the integration of biostatisticians in multidisciplinary teams are a major concern in the field. New forms of broader training in the life sciences, collaborations with other scientists, and strategic partnerships in research, all appear as essential means towards success for young professionals in Biostatistics. This article is novel in that it provides a young biostatisticians perspective on what many experienced colleagues have been discussing for years, i.e., what the future will bring to the profession and how we will be best trained to face it.The vision emerged from a unique forum comprising six authors with completely different backgrounds and work experience in the field, and is complemented by the discussion generated in a roundtable.
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  1. Boletín de Estadística e Investigación Operativa

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