Document details for 'Climate Envelopes for Species Distribution Models'

Authors Brewer, M.J., O'Hara, R.B., Anderson, B.J. and Ohlemüller, R.
Publication details In "26th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling", 93-98. Eds. Conesa, D., Forte, A., López-Quílez, A. and Muñoz, F.. IWSM 2011, Valencia, Spain.
Publisher details IWSM 2011, Valencia, Spain
Keywords climate envelope; niche modelling; species distribution

Spatial models of species distribution often include attempts to describe relationships with climate variables via low-degree spline curves; these are commonly termed "climate envelopes". Such curves should typically be either unimodal or monotonic. We propose a simple parametric alternative to spline curves which appeals to biological plausibility and can capture common expected features of species' presence/climate relationships. Furthermore, the methodology can be extended to the multivariate case in a straightforward manner.

ISBN 9788469451298
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