Document details for 'A Bayesian regression and multiple changepoint model for systems biology'

Authors Dondelinger, F., Aderhold, A., Lebre, S., Grzegorczyk, M. and Husmeier, D.
Publication details In "International Workshop on Statistical Modelling (IWSM)", 189-194. Copiformes S.L..
Publisher details Copiformes S.L.
Keywords Systems biology; gene regulatory network inference; Bayesian multiple changepoint model; RJMCMC; DREAM
Abstract We propose a Bayesian regression and multiple changepoint model for reverse engineering gene regulatory networks from high-throughput gene expression profiles. We report results from a recently held international gene network reconstruction competition, in which our method was objectively assessed in a blind study. While we did not win the competition, the scores indicate that the proposed method favourably compares with the majority of competing approaches and clearly belongs to the group of highest-ranked performers.
ISBN 978-84-694-5129-8
Last updated 2011-10-04
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