Document details for 'Towards an understanding of the nature of resistance to Phytophthora root rot in red raspberry'

Authors Graham, J., Hackett, C.A., Smith, K., Woodhead, M., MacKenzie, K., Tierney, I., Cooke, D.E.L., Bayer, M.M. and Jennings, S.N.
Publication details Theoretical and Applied Genetics 123, 585-601.
Abstract Abstract A mapping population segregating for root rot resistance was screened under both field and glasshouse conditions over a number of seasons. Few correlations between field and glasshouse scores were significant. Final root rot scores were significantly negatively correlated with measures of root vigour. Two QTL associated with resistance were identified as were overlapping QTL for root vigour assessments. Markers significantly associated with the traits were used to identify BAC clones, which were subsequently sequenced to examine gene content. A number of genes were identified including those associated with stem cell identity, cell proliferation and elongation in the root zone, control of meristematic activity and organisation, cell signalling, stress response, sugar sensing and control of gene expression as well as a range of transcription factors including those known to be associated with defence. For marker assisted breeding, the SSR marker Rub118b 110 bp allele from Latham was found in resistant germplasm but was not found in any of the susceptible germplasm tested.
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