Document details for 'Custom design of a GeXP multiplexed assay used to assess expression profiles of inflammatory gene targets in normal colon, polyp, and tumor tissue'

Authors Drew, J.E., Mayer, C-D., Farquharson, A.J., Young, P. and Barrera, L.N.
Publication details Journal of Molecular Diagnostics 13(2), 233-242.
Abstract Colon cancers are characterized by aberrant gene expression signatures associated with disease initiation and progression. Identification of aberrant gene expression associated with colon carcinogenesis has increased significantly with application of gene array technologies. Downstream processing of these data has been hindered by the lack of robust multiplexed gene quantitative technologies facilitating study of the identified multiple gene targets. The GenomeLab Genetic Analysis System presents a novel technology platform for quantitative multiplexed gene expression analysis. This report describes the custom design of a GeXP multiplexed assay used to assess expression profiles of 14 inflammatory gene targets in normal, polyp, and tumor tissue. Characteristic normal, polyp, and tumor tissue gene expression profiles were obtained. Statistical analysis confirmed comparable relative quantitation of gene expression using the GeXP, macroarray, and single-plex real-time polymerase chain reaction assays. GeXP assays may be usefully applied in clinical and regulatory studies of multiple gene targets. This system permits custom-design options for relative quantification of multiple gene target expression, simultaneously in a single reaction, using nanogram quantities of total RNA template. The system provides an approach to advance the study of multiple targets identified from gene array analysis with potential for characterizing gene expression signatures in clinical diagnostics.
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