Document details for 'Advanced applications of Bayesian networks in systems biology'

Authors Husmeier, D., Werhli, A.V. and Grzegorczyk, M.
Publication details In "Handbook of Statistical Systems Biology", V13,270-289. Eds. Stumpf M, Balding D J, Girolami M. Wiley.
Publisher details Wiley
Abstract The present chapter provides a concise introduction to Bayesian learning of Bayesian networks, and then discusses two problems of particular relevance to systems biology: systematically integrating biological prior knowledge into the inference process, and learning regulatory networks from non-homogeneous temporal processes. We demonstrate the application of these methods on two network reconstruction problems: learning a protein signalling pathway from flow cytometry data, and learning a gene regulatory network related to circadian regulation in the model plant Arabidopsis from microarray gene expression time series.
ISBN 978-0-470-71086-9
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