Document details for 'Putative household outbreaks of campylobacteriosis typically comprise single MLST genotypes'

Authors Rotariu, O., Smith-Palmer, A., Cowden, J., Bessell, P.R., Innocent, G.T., Reid, S.W.J., Matthews, L., Dallas, J., Ogden, I.D., Forbes, K.J. and Strachan, N.J.C.
Publication details Epidemiology and Infection 138, 1744-1747.
Keywords Campylobacter MLST
Abstract The epidemiology and strain composition of household outbreaks of campylobacteriosis are poorly known. Putative outbreaks (N=91) comprising 3.2% of cases reported in Scotland during 15 months were identified. Of the 26 putative outbreaks with known strain composition, 89% shared the same strain, supporting their epidemiological relationship.
Last updated 2010-11-22
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