Document details for 'Tablet - next generation sequence assembly visualization'

Authors Milne, I., Bayer, M.M., Cardle, L., Shaw, P., Stephen, G., Wright, F. and Marshall, D.F.
Publication details Bioinformatics 26, 401-402.
Keywords Software, Next Generation Sequencing Data, Visualisation
Abstract ABSTRACT Summary: Tablet is a lightweight, high-performance graphical view-er for next generation sequence assemblies and alignments. Sup-porting a range of input assembly formats, Tablet provides high-quality visualizations showing data in packed or stacked views, al-lowing instant access and navigation to any region of interest, and whole contig overviews and data summaries. Tablet is both multi-core aware and memory-efficient, allowing it to handle assemblies containing millions of reads, even on a 32-bit desktop machine. Availability: Tablet is freely available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris. Fully bundled installers can be down-loaded from in 32 and 64-bit versions. Contact:
Last updated 2011-01-21
  1. Tablet software homepage at SCRI

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