Plant & Crop Science

An effective transition to sustainable food production is a critical global challenge. Research in plant science is essential if we are to meet the challenge of feeding the growing global population in a changing climate. Our collaborations with plant and crop scientists range from studies of molecular processes within cells to the interactions between crops, pathogens and their environment. In addition to maximising the impact of traditional types of data, we develop and apply new approaches in statistics, modelling and bioinformatics to make efficient use of the increasingly large volumes of molecular marker, genomic, transcriptomic, metabolomic, proteomic and phenomic data that are being generated by new technologies.

golden barley. Copyright James Hutton Institute
Katharine Preedy talking to her dog

Katharine Preedy is the Principal Scientist for Plant and Crop Sciences

a field with plots of different barley varieties growing

Crop Variety Trials

Changing climates and political situations drive a need to adapt the way we feed the world. BioSS works with partners worldwide to improve methodologies used to select optimal plant varieties for our changing environments.

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