James Hutton Institute

BioSS consultancy & collaboration information for the the James Hutton Institute

Consultancy & Collaboration

Please contact appropriate BioSS staff by email or phone (see below) with a brief explanation of your requirements including funding. They will either deal with the query themselves or they may pass you to another member of BioSS staff with availability and the quantitative skills required or familiarity with your application area.

For exclusively RESAS SRP work there is no charge at the point of contact. For other work we need to be costed explicitly.

BioSS staff may arrange to meet with you at your location or elsewhere, or we may arrange a video conference meeting depending on availability and time scales.


BioSS provide a range of training courses some of which are online and some face to face. If there is enough demand we may schedule a course to suit you. For more information on training please see our pages on BioSS training.

Contacts for Consultancy & Collaboration

Katharine Preedy, Valeria Montano, and Gail Robertson and Colin Alexander are based at the James Hutton Institute in Invergowrie.

Nick Schurch, Jackie Potts, Luigi Spezia and Graciela Martinez-Sanchez are based at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen

BioSS contacts for RESAS Projects

More information coming soon

Katharine Preedy talking to her dog

BioSS contact

Katharine Preedy is the main BioSS contact for scientists at JHI Dundee looking to work with us

Nick is smiling in the sunshine

BioSS contact

Nick Schurch is the main BioSS contact for scientists at JHI Aberdeen looking to work with us