Normal Mixture Modelling

This page contains information relating to the paper

Discretisation for Inference on Normal Mixture Models

by Mark J Brewer of Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland. Click on the title above to see the abstract of this paper.

There are three programs associated with this paper. They are available as Windows, SunOS 5.8 or Linux (RedHat) executables, and can be downloaded as compressed archives from one of the following links:

Download ZIP archive for Windows (199K) Last update: 10/12/2009

Download gzipped TAR archive for SunOS (44K) Last update: 10/12/2009

Download gzipped TAR archive for Linux (43K) Last update: 10/12/2009

Instructions on how to use the programs are included within the file README v0.5.txt in the archive (README_UNIXv0.5.txt for the SunOS package and README_LINUXv0.5.txt for the Linux package).

NEW for 2014: download a version compiled for Windows 64-bit operating systems (156K). Last update: 6/2/2014.

Want to send me comments/problems/feedback etc? In any case, please let me know if you download these programs!

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