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BioSS training course timetable for 2019-20

BioSS courses are held between November and June with timetable revolving round the Christmas and Easter vacations, as access to teachings labs is available to us then, Popular courses such as our Basic Statistics course may run several times at our different locations. Our other courses are also run according to demand, but usually only once a year.

If you are interested in attending one of our courses, and your organisation does not have a training officer in contact with us, you should register your interest and you will then be alerted when we are forming our next timetable. Courses with a greater level of interest are more likely to be timetabled.

If you want to attend one of the courses listed please book on the course if your supervisor agrees.

BioSS can also run in-house courses at your site. These can be adapted for your specific requirements. If interested, please contact Graham Horgan.

Please continue to register interest in a topic even if a course is full. If someone drops out in your area we will alert you and if there is enough interest we may run the course again

*Full* denotes that a course is full - we will label a course as such when we have a small waiting list to allow for cancellations.





Page updated 4 October 2018

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