Dr Yu Song


Research Fellow at Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS), James Hutton Institute

My official BioSS page: http://www.bioss.ac.uk/staff/yu.html

Current Research

  1. SPICY: towards automated phenotyping of large pepper plants in the greenhouse
  2. Non-destructive automatic leaf area measurements by combining stereo and Time-of-Flight images
  3. Combining stereo and Time-of-Flight images with application to automatic plant phenotyping


  1. SPICY Workshop: Image Analysis for Automatic Phenotyping

Posters and Presentations

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Panoramic photography
Below are some examples showing panoramic views 'generated' from a number of ordinary photos using latest computer vision and image analysis techniques.
The Dam square, Amsterdam
The Dam square, Amsterdam, Nov. 2010
Aberystwyth beach during sunset
Aberystwyth beach during sunset, Sep. 2010

Yu Song