Bayesian Application for Recombination and Gene Conversion Estimation

© Copyright 2002
Grainne McGuire and Dirk Husmeier
Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland
SCRI, Dundee DD2 5DA, United Kingdom


BARCE is a C++ program for detecting recombination breakpoints in four-sequence alignments using hidden Markov models, Bayesian principles and Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling. The algorithm is described in:

Legal Agreement

The BARCE software package is provided without guarantee of maintenance or support, and without warranty. The copyright holder is not liable for any damages which may result in any manner from the use of this software. Permission is granted to copy and use this software package for personal academic use.


Downloading and Installing the Software

The programs and documentation files are contained in the zipped tar file BARCE.tar.gz (Version 1.2). To extract them under UNIX, give the following commands:

% gunzip BARCE.tar.gz
% tar xvf BARCE.tar

If you use WINDOWS, use a program like WINZIP.

Compiling the Software

To compile the software, type


at the UNIX prompt. This should work if you have the CC compiler installed on your system. Otherwise change the first line in file Makefile. For example, if you have the gnu C++ compiler installed, replace CC= CC by CC = g++.


Here is an example application with access to the data and an explanation of the parameter options.


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Last modified: March 2002