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BioSS works closely with its collaborators and end-users to ensure the relevance of its activities. We place particular emphasis on understanding their upcoming challenges and communicating in a way that enables knowledge transfer and maximises impact.

At BioSS, Knowledge Exchange takes various forms:

knowledge scotland picBioSS contributes to the wider knowledge exchange activities of the Main Research Providers (MRPs) through KnowledgeScotland. This expanding initiative now reaches out to policymakers, end-users and the general public through events, exhibitions, a website and media stories. We have contributed to this shared endeavour in many ways, for example through co-authorship of science briefings on the KnowledgeScotland website, through participation in the Science - Policy - Success conference in October 2009 and by describing selected aspects of our research in a Biodiversity Briefing for the Environment Minister in May 2010. As a result, our work on the spatio-temporal model for the spread of giant hogweed and our work on identifying determinants of quantitative traits in blackcurrants both featured in the national media.

As well as contributing to events led by others, BioSS has taken the lead in bringing together quantitative specialists from the organisations we work most closely with. This has involved us in organising an event to bring together representatives from the MRPs and CAMERAS partner organisations, leading to the establishment of a forum for quantitative specialists. It is anticipated that this forum will facilitate increased mutual understanding and the sharing of knowledge for the benefit of all involved.

BioSS has a diverse portfolio of clients, covering public and private sectors as well as non-governmental organisations. These clients choose to work with BioSS for a diversity of reasons, ranging from a recognition of our skills in employing more standard techniques to solve their problems through to a need to benefit from advanced methodologies developed in our research. Some recent additions to our list of clients include the Universities of Liverpool, Aberystwyth and Oslo, Ambicare, the UK Space Agency, Big DNA Ltd and Triveritas Ltd.

Knowledge Exchange

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