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Abreu, I., Brennan, R.M., Kanichukattu, EN., Stewart, D., Hancock, R.D., McDougall, G. and Hackett, C.A. (2020). Quantitative trait loci mapping of polyphenol metabolites in blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.). Metabolomics 16, 25. Springer.

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Hanks, E., Todd, H., Palarea Albaladejo, J., McNeilly, T., Britton, C. and Ballingall, K.T. (2020). A novel technique for retrospective genetic analysis of the response to vaccination or infection using cell-free DNA from archived sheep serum and plasma. BMC Veterinary Research 51, 9. BMC.

Palarea Albaladejo, J. and McKendrick, I.J. (2020). Best practice for the design and statistical analysis of animal studies. Veterinary Record 186, 59-64.


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