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Catterall, S., Cook, A.R., Marion, G., Butler, A. and Hulme, P.E. (2012). Accounting for uncertainty in colonisation times: a novel approach to modelling the spatio-temporal dynamics of alien invasions using distribution data. Ecography 35(10), 901-911.

Marion, G., McInery, G.J., Pagel, J., Catterall, S., Cook, A.R., Hartig, F. and O'Hara, R.B. (2012). Parameter and uncertainty estimation for process-oriented population and distribution models: data, statistics and the niche. Journal of Biogeography 39(12), 2225-2239.

Category: "Book Chapter"

Marion, G., Butler, A., Catterall, S., Cook, A.R., Doherty, R., Kühn, I., Reineking, B., Schweiger, O. and Hulme, P. (2010). Statistical aspects of biodiversity risk assessment. In "Atlas of Biodiversity Risk", 58-61. Eds. Josef Settele et al.. Pensoft, Sofia & Moscow.

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