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Carvalho, A., Ribeiro, H., Newman, G., Brewer, M.J., Guedes, A., Abreu, I., Noronha, F. and Dawson, L.A. Geochemical analysis of sediment samples for forensic purposes: characterisation of two river beaches from the Douro River, Portugal. Australian Journal of Forensic Science.


Category: "Critical reviews in journals"

Brewer, M.J. (2002). CAST of thousands. MSOR Connections 2 (4), 28-31.

Brewer, M.J. (2001). An applet for teacher. MSOR Connections 1 (4), 40-43.

Category: "Refereed journal"

Schofield, E.J., Rowntree, J., Paterson, E., Brewer, M.J., Price, E., Brearley, F. and Brooker, R.W. (2019). Cultivar differences and impact of plant-plant competition on temporal patterns of nitrogen and biomass accumulation. frontiers in plant science 10, 215.

Brooker, R.W., Brewer, M.J., Britton, A.J., Eastwood, A., Ellis, C., Gimona, A., Poggio, L. and Genney, D.R. (2018). Tiny niches and translocations: the challenge of identifying suitable recipient sites for small and immobile species. Journal of Applied Ecology 55, 621-630.

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Jorgensen, M.W., Jarvis, S., Brewer, M.J. and Goddard, P.J. (2015). Calf mortality in semi-domestic reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) in a Scottish herd: the impact of maternal age and individual differences between cows. Animal Welfare 24, 173-183.

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Category: "Book Chapter"

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