Document details for 'A spatial model with ordinal responses for grazing impact data'

Authors Brewer, M.J., Elston, D.A., Hodgson, M.E.A., Stolte, A.M., Nolan, A.J. and Henderson, D.J.
Publication details Statistical Modelling: An International Journal 4, 127-143.
Keywords Assessment of model predictions, Ordinal response, Bayesian spatial modelling, Markov chain Monte Carlo, Grazing animals
Abstract We propose a model for use with ordinal spatial data arising from field assessments of the grazing and trampling impact by animals on vegetation, and study the predictive performance of the model on partial surveys. We employ a mixed effects model, including a term for spatial correlation, which assumes a continuous underlying scale of grazing impact, and where the classification into discrete categories is made via cut-points. We analyse two classes of data: full census data and sample data drawn from the full census. In the latter case, we show that the estimation of non-sampled data improves as the spatial information included within the model increases.
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