Document details for 'Rice Ecosystem Services in South-East Asia: The LEGATO Project, Its Approaches and Main Results with a Focus on Biocontrol Services'

Authors Settele, J., Spangenberg, J., OTHER AUTHORS, +54. and Marion, G.
Publication details In "Atlas of Ecosystem Services,". Eds. M. Schröter et al.. Springer Nature, Heidelberg.
Publisher details Springer Nature, Heidelberg
Keywords Ecosystem services . Transdisciplinary research . Paddy rice agriculture . Biodiversity . Rural development . Culture
Abstract Which ecosystem services are addressed? Provisioning services (soil nutrients). Regulating services (biocontrol, pollination). Cultural services (recreation, cultural identity, tourism). What is the research question addressed? How can provisioning, regulating, and cultural ecosystem services in irrigated rice production systems in South-East Asia be improved through modifications particularly of land use related drivers (intensity, pesticide application, etc.)? Which methods have been applied? Field studies on nutrients, decomposition, and insect dynamics; Designed experiments; Species inventories; GIS-analyses based on urban land cover data; Questionnaires. What is the main result? (a) Ecological engineering is a promising approach for more sustainability in intensive rice production landscapes; (b) Planting of flower strips around rice fields is an example of ecological engineering that increases biodiversity and provides habitats for natural antagonists of rice pest species, thereby reducing the need for insecticide use; and (c) Participatory approaches are needed to convince farmers to switch to more sustainable management practices. What is concluded, recommended? (a) Ecological engineering; (b) Planting of flower strips; (c) Participatory approaches.
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