Document details for 'Cytokinin biosynthesis ISOPENTENYLTRANSFERASE genes are differentially expressed during phyllomorph development in the acualescent Streptocarpus rexii (Gesneriaceae)'

Authors Chen, Y., Nishii, K., Spada, A., Wang, C., Sakakibara, H., Kojima, M., Wright, F., MacKenzie, K. and Moeller, M.
Publication details South African Journal of Botany 109, 96-111. Elsevier.
Publisher details Elsevier
Abstract The enzyme ISOPENTENYLETRANSFERASE (IPT) is responsible for the rate limiting step of cytokinin biosynthesis, an important plant hormone with key roles in meristem maintenance and organ development. In this study, we isolated IPT genes from the acaulescent Streptocarpus rexii, a plant that shows an unorthodox development starting with post-germination anisocotyly, in with cytokinins play and integral role. Three adenosine physphate-IPTs and two tRNA-IPTs were isolated from S. rexii. Their expression levels and patterns in different tissues were compared by means of realtime-PCR and mRNA in-situ hybridization. We found that each SrIPT had a distinctive expression pattern. Interestingly, in vegetative tissues as well as in meristems only the adenosine phosphate-IPT SrIPT5 and the tRNA-IPT SrIPT9 were found. In addition, there were differentiall affected by external hormone applications, suggesting their different regulation and expression during meristem formation and maintenance and lamina growth. Our results indicate that SrIPTs are involved in shaping the architecture of S. rexii, working differentially and redundantly, and show that differentially expressed IPT genes regulate plant form.
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