Document details for 'A global initiative to refine acute inhalation studies through the use of 'evident toxicity' as an endpoint: towards adoption of the fixed concentration procedure'

Authors Sewell, F., Ragan, I., Marczylo, T., Anderson, B., Braun, A., Casey, W., Dennison, N., Griffiths, D., Guest, R., Holmes, T., VanHuygevoort, T., Indians, I., Kenny, T., Kojima, H., Le, K., Prieto-Pilar, M., Smith, P., Smedley, J., Stokes, B., Wnorowski, G. and Horgan, G.W.
Publication details Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 73(3), 770-779.
Last updated 2017-09-05

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