Document details for 'Towards an understanding of the control of 'crumbly' fruit in red raspberry'

Authors Graham, J., Smith, K., McCallum, S., Hedley, P.E., Cullen, D.W., Dolan, A., Milne, L., McNicol, J.W. and Hackett, C.A.
Publication details SpringerPlus 4, 223. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
Publisher details Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Keywords Raspberry; Crumbly fruit; QTL mapping
Abstract The genetic disorder known as 'crumbly' fruit is becoming a serious problem in the European raspberry industry. This study has examined the occurrence of crumbly fruit in a raspberry mapping population over six years, in open field and polytunnel sites, and has highlighted that seasonal, environmental and genetic factors all influence the condition. Two QTLs that are important for the genetic control of the condition have been located on linkage groups one and three, and an association with ripening time has been identified.
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