Document details for 'Longidorids from Minas Gerais State, Brazil, with focus on the morphometric variability of Xiphinema krugi (Nematoda: Longidoridae) populations'

Authors Seni de Jesus, D., Oliveira, CMG., Gastauer, M., Alexander, C.J. and Oliveira, R.D.
Publication details Tropical Plant Pathology 40(2), 88-101. Brazilian Phytopathological Society.
Publisher details Brazilian Phytopathological Society
Keywords diversity, occurrence, Xiphidorus spp., Xiphinema spp.
Abstract The occurrence and distribution of Longidorid nematodes in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, were assessed in 126 soil samples collected at different habitats in 12 municipalities across the state. The nematodes were extracted from 1 kg of soil and morphometric measures and identification of species were conducted using a light microscope with the aid of a camera lucida. Eight species of Xiphinema were identified (X. brasiliense, X. diffusum, X. elongatum, X. ensiculiferum, X. krugi, X. variegatum, X. setariae/vulgare complex and X. surinamense) and also two species of Xiphidorus (Xiphidorus amazonensis and an undescribed Xiphidorus species). Xiphinema diffusum, X. variegatum, X. ensiculiferum and Xiphidorus amazonensis constitute new reports for Minas Gerais. Populations of X. krugi, X. elongatum and X. ensiculiferum showed variation in morphometric measures and a principal component analysis separated X. krugi nematodes in two groups.
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